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Hog Removal Services

A Licensed Trapper in North and South Carolina

Dead Hogs

Hog Trapping throughout North and South Carolina

Wild and feral hogs are a risk to human health and safety. They can spread diseases and damage crops & properties. To prevent these, turn to David of Carolina Hog Stopper. We strive to help landowners in North and South Carolina control feral hogs from spreading.

Services Offered

Dead Hogs

Hog Removal Services

I am a firm believer that trapping is the best and most effective way to remove wild hogs from your property. However, on rare occasion it is possible that conducting a shooting operation would be a better option. This method I would only recommend if I was certain that the identified hog would be removed from your property. If this is the case, I have the most up to date optics that will allow me to locate and dispatch hogs’ day or night. With my experience I have conducted many hog hunts over the years with great success and look forward to working for you soon.

Hog Removal Services

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Hog Trapping Services

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Hog Control

Mission Statement

To help the farmer or landowner eradicate their land from the invasive feral hog as a means of pest control and disease prevention.

Carolina Hog Stopper will use every means necessary within the limits of the law to control your feral hog population.

Vision Statement

Providing the most effective and efficient hog control techniques available on the market today.

Traps I Use

I understand that different situations sometimes require different methods. That is why I am not limited to one trap or method. I use the Pig Brig Hog Trap to catch an entire hog sounder at once and eradicate those in the immediate area.

Pig Brig Trap
About me #1

Meet David

I am a licensed hog trapper that specializes in the removal of wild hogs. I love what I do. You’re going to want to have experience on your side when trying to catch these hogs. I just hope you give me the chance to show you. You won’t be disappointed!

My Experience Trapping Hogs

As a licensed trapper in both North and South Carolina, I take pride in offering fast and professional hog removal. And with my years of experience, I’m confident that I can catch any hogs you have, no matter what. My traps will control the hog population and let you get back to regular life as soon as possible.

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Reach out to me today for more information about my services. You can call me at (910) 995-6000 or email me at I look forward to hearing from you!