Hog Control & Removal in Bennettsville, SC

Located near the Pee Dee River, Bennettsville, SC, is a beautiful area. Unfortunately, what made it attractive to the original settlers also makes it attractive to feral hogs. Carolina Hog Stoppers can offer hog removal if feral hogs decide to invade your property.

Beyond being a destructive force to your property and crops, wild or feral hogs carry dangerous diseases — including, of most concern, brucellosis, pseudorabies, and tularemia. We handle any hogs caught and killed on your property with latex gloves to ensure no disease spreads.

Our Hog Control & Removal Methods

We make use of Pig Brig traps, which has enabled us to capture over 60 hogs in a single night. And unlike traditional steel door traps, our traps trick the hogs making it so the rest of the sounder goes unalarmed because the trap lulls them into a false sense of security. With this method we are able to catch multiple sounders of hogs over several nights.

No matter the feral hog situation on your property, Carolina Hog Stoppers is equipped to rid your land of these invasive hogs. Don’t wait until the population gets out of control. Take proactive measures and give me a call now!

Call (910) 995-6000 so we can begin to rid your property of feral hogs today!