Hog Control Services for Florence, SC

If you need help with hog control in Florence, SC, I have the perfect solution. With several years of experience and the best equipment available, I am committed to getting hog control done right, and I never take shortcuts.

How Can Hog Control Services Help?

Whether you are worried about property damage or want to prevent the spread of disease and control the population of feral hogs on your property, Carolina Hog Stopper is prepared to help. As a licensed trapper in North and South Carolina, I understand the rules and laws associated with hog trapping and can adapt my methods based on your situation.

Why Work With Me?

If you have noticed damage on your property that you suspect feral hogs have caused, I can assess the extent of the damage and help you with a hog control plan that will work best for your property. I use the Pig Brig Hog Trap, which allows me to catch large groups of hogs at once.

If you need hog control services in Florence, SC, don’t wait until the population gets out of control. Take proactive measures by calling the Carolina Hog Stopper at (910) 995-6000. I promise to go above and beyond to help you solve the problem.