Hog Control Services for Fayetteville, NC

If you own property in North Carolina, you are familiar with the invasive feral hogs that plague the state. Unlike other pests like mice and insects that have DIY home removal options, hogs are much larger and more destructive than traditional pests. Therefore, you need the help of a hog removal service.

At Carolina Hog Stopper, we offer hog control services to the Carolinas, including those in Fayetteville, NC. Read on to learn more about us and our services.

Hog Traps

The most effective way to catch and remove hogs from your property is by the use of hog traps. At Carolina Hog Stopper, we don't just use any trap, we use the Pig Brig Trapping System. This traps unique design allows me to catch multiple sounders of hogs on your property. For more information on this trap, browse our page for these services.

Prevent Disease and Property Damage

Hogs are creatures that can carry many dangerous diseases. When the hogs invade your property, your family or employees are at risk of exposure to such diseases. You need hog removal services to ensure your property and everyone on it is safe.

Hogs almost overnight can cause extensive property damage to a large area. The soil will look as if a plow has gone through your property and any crops you may have had will be destroyed. If you have noticed hog sign on your property, contact us at Carolina Hog Stoppers to prevent further damage to your property.

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