Traps I Use

“Pig Brig” Hog Trap

Why hire me to trap your wild hogs? Because I use the Pig Brig Hog Trap. This trap has a 60-ft. long Base Net that becomes a 20-ft. diameter hoop net that is a continuous catch trap. There is also an additional netting inside (Boar Shield) of the trap for extra durability as well as a (Trap Cap) to prevent any escapes over the top. The opening in the top also helps prevent non-target animals from being caught. The way it works the hogs use their nose to root their way under the net of the trap to get to the bait. The net then goes over their back and falls behind them trapping them inside. When the hogs go inside they don't seem to realize they are caught up in a trap, and at that point it's too late.  The Pig Brig trap has caught up to 45 hogs at once in a single night and can catch multiple sounders. This trap can also hold the biggest of your hogs and has held hogs anywhere from 300lbs to 400lbs. Areas that have a high density of hogs can catch multiple nights without educating the hogs and making other hog sounders trap shy. My trap has all the positives and none of the negatives of conventional steel traps. Most landowners that are familiar with hogs know that hogs are very smart and easy to educate making them harder to trap or hunt. Hogs also usually get trap shy once they have seen other hogs caught in a hog trap. Not with my trap. With my trap hogs never hear the slamming of a steel gate spooking them and letting every other hog in the area know they are trapped. With my trap hogs do not even know they are caught and never panic alarming other hogs to stay away. The only time they get excited is when I come to get them.  I use this trap for most all my trapping jobs since it is the most efficient and effective way for me to eradicate entire sounders of hogs off your property.

A field with trees and grass in the background.

“The HawgStopper” Hog Trap

Another trap that I use from time to time is the Hawgstopper hog trap. This trap is a one piece, all weld trap that is 93" x 93" in diameter and 48" tall. This trap has an opening in the top so non-targeted animals can escape if the trap is triggered. This is a super strong trap that has caught hogs that weighed over 400lbs and more than 20 hogs in one catch.

I use this trap when I am trying to catch a lone boar or a much smaller group of hogs as this trap has a drop gate that is triggered from the inside. This trap is very effective for my smaller trapping jobs.

A large metal cage with trees in the background

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